[SEE IT] Track Your Neighborhood's Snow Plow Progress With This Real-Time Website

Plow NYC (screenshot)
Plow NYC (screenshot)

New York City has a fleet of snow plows treading through the streets of every borough, and now you can track their progress in real time with Plow NYC. The site lets you see when the last time the plows came down your street and which roads are designated as "critical", "sector", "haulster" or "fucked".

  • Critical Routes: These routes are comprised of highways (main beds, entrances, exits interchanges), arterial roadways, main travel thoroughfares (single lane and multi-lane), bus routes, that contain emergency services & first responder facilities (Hospitals, EMS, FDNY, NYPD) and schools.
  • Sector Routes: Designed to encompass all streets that are not classified as Critical Streets and are wide enough to accommodate a full size DSNY collection truck with a plow attached.
  • Haulster Routes: Designed to service dead ends and streets that cannot be serviced with a collection truck or salt spreader with a plow attached due to narrow street width or tight turning radius (either entering or exiting the street).

Check out the full map to see your neighborhood's plow progress in real-time.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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