SantaCon Lawyers Up With a Well Known Civil Rights Fighter

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No Santacon 2014 in the East Village or LES

Our friends over at Gothamist have received an exclusive and anonymous interview with one of the normally hush-hush organizers of SantaCon. The organizer told Gothamist:

With our numbers increasing it attracts a certain element that doesn’t understand the ethics behind it. It’s about art in public space, creativity, donning gay apparel and being festive.

S/he goes on to admit there is some wrongdoing, but it’s really overblown:

SantaCon brings way more smiles than it does scowls. It’s easy for the press to look at a group of people all dressed the same acting out of the norm and make claims about them. There is probably .01% of Santas that act inappropriately, but when you have 30,000 people that’s 30 people, and it’s easy to take a picture of them.

The “charity” group has retained civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel presumably to prevent parts of the city from taking away SantaCon’s right to assemble.

via Gothamist

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