Eat Offbeat, a New Service Where Refugees Cook and Deliver Authentic Ethnic Meals on Demand

Bringing the underground food scene to the mainstream masses, Brooklyn-based Eat Offbeat is a new service that blurs the lines between social activism and culinary indulgence.

Eat Offbeat delivers authentic and home-style ethnic meals that are conceived, prepared and delivered by refugees resettled in NYC.

Previously, momos, dolma and other culinary gems from the City’s large immigrant population were often tucked away in alley-way pop-up shops or hidden nooks behind cell phone stores. With Eat Offbeat, immigrants and resettled refugees have a venue to create, prepare and deliver food from their home countries, making these authentic food dishes accessible to the masses.

With support from the International Rescue Committee, the site’s founders Manal and Wissam Kahi teamed up with professional chef, Juan Suarez de Lezo, to provide a means of showcasing the rich refugee talent and diversity flowing through the City.

Eat Offbeat currently offers only catering services, but will start delivery services next month.

Clark Owyang

Clark Owyang

Contributing Writer

Commuting daily from Queens to Manhattan, Clark is a native Californian learning how to view NYC. From wedding light design to hospital work, he’s trying to explore the many ways one can New York before the West calls him back home.

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