Queens Food Blogger Shares Family Recipe For a Jewish Meatball Packed With Garlic

In the latest installment of NY Daily News' EthNYC Eats series, Queens foodie Sandi Poznanski and her Mom share a family favorite recipe.

Poznanski is the chef and author behind popular local food-blog A New York Foodie. Her family has been making this recipe for a delicious Jewish Meatball packed with garlic for several generations.

“You can’t go wrong with garlic unless someone actually hates it,” she says while adding generous amounts to her mixture. “Then maybe these aren’t for them.” Her mom, Mindy Lipman, adds: “The more you put in, the tastier it’s going to be!”

Check out the full recipe and more of Poznanski's creations on A New York Foodie.

Jessica Frelow

Jessica Frelow

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Jessica lives in Brooklyn. She is a lover of poetry, eating Mexican food and people watching in the city.

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