Pickup Soccer NYC, a Year Round, Adult Co-Ed Soccer League in New York City

Pickup Soccer NYC is an adult co-ed, informal yet organized soccer league which holds year-round games in New York City. It started about 10 years ago when it's founding members saw that the NYC soccer scene was a little too competitive.

PICKUP SOCCER NYC was began in Fall 2006 by a group of disheartened individuals, tired of playing in games with leagues and teams that took the sport WAY too seriously... so seriously in fact that it took all the fun out of the game for us and playing for sport, NOT just to win! We wanted to play for fun when we wanted. We also could not find pickup games in Manhattan back in 2006. As a result we started these games. Our games are informal and recreational with an emphasis on non-competitive play and open to all.

There are organized games all over Manhattan in places like Central Park, Pier 40, Roosevelt Park and Riverside Park. If you are interested in joining the league, or checking out some of the games, head on over to the group's website for more information.

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