Photographer Lawrence Schwartzwald Captures New Yorkers Reading Anywhere and Everywhere

Bronx born photographer Lawrence Schwartzwald has been taking photographs of the City and it's residents for the past several decades. Slate magazine editor David Rosenberg recently wrote up a interesting piece entitled Photographic Proof That New Yorkers Will Read Books Absolutely Anywhere about the photographer and his series of candids capturing New Yorkers reading in public.

When he wasn’t photographing, Schwartzwald was usually reading, something he said he enjoys more than just about anything. Although it wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision, his eye for a great picture combined with his love of books and influence from On Reading began to come together and he started a prolific series of people reading.

Read more about Schwartzwald and/or check out more photos from this series on Slate.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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