1980s Street Photographer Robert Herman Captures A Pre-Gentrified New York City With These Enchanting Prints

Advertisement plastered subways, relentless news-feed checking, and a plethora of unknown scents all characterize a typical day in New York City. Is this really what it means to be a New Yorker? 1980s Street photographer Robert Herman suggests otherwise with his mesmerizing collection of retro New York City prints.

Herman dedicated his life to capturing the City - its movement, its sounds, and perhaps most importantly, its people - in true color. His work helps fellow New Yorkers remember the beauty and culture nestled within a time when Kodachrome film couldn’t be trumped by the iPhone, and when unpredictability met you on every corner, not a Starbucks.

So many things that I loved about Manhattan are rapidly disappearing are being replaced by corporate chains. When a Starbucks is in the background, I could be shooting in any major city in the world. And of course, now that everyone is looking at their smartphones, it makes it much harder to make compelling pictures on the streets.

Check out a captivating sample of the vintage prints or get the full collection for yourself in Herman’s original photobook, The New Yorkers.

h/t Gothamist

Ashley Jankowski

Ashley Jankowski

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