Otis Johnson Adjusts to Life in a Very Different New York City After 44 Years in Prison

69-year-old Otis Johnson spent the past 44 years in prison. When he entered in 1971, there were no cell phones, no Gatorade, no video ads in Times Square. In this video from Al Jazeera, learn how Mr. Johnson is adjusting to modern life.

Stepping out into Times Square in New York City, Otis Johnson is struck by the overwhelming number of people. Everyone seems to be walking quickly with blank faces and wires in their ears. He’s confused. Being completely removed from society since 1975, Johnson thinks he’s entered a dystopia where everyone has become a secret agent wearing wires. The Steve Jobs era has completely passed him by.

Check out the accompanying article to learn more about Otis Johnson's adjustment to a modern day New York City.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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