The New York Times Spotlights A Harlem Mother's Fight to End Violence in Honor of Her Slain Son

In a new curated video series entitled Made With Kickstarter, the New York Times features short documentary films funded in part through Kickstarter. In this short created by award-winning filmmaker Ivana Todorovic, a Harlem mother shares the story of her son's death, and her fight to prevent violence on the same City streets that her son warned others about.

Jean Corbett-Parker told the story of a victim of gun violence, a young man shot by another youth. She urged the club to act. After she introduced herself as the mother of a murdered son and co-founder of Harlem Mothers SAVE, an organization that fights to end youth gun violence and helps other parents survive the pain of losing loved ones, I became determined to make a film. I admired her.

For more about Jean Corbett-Parker and Ivana Todorovic, check out the accompanying article in the New York Times.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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