NYPD Officer Speaks Out on Fellow Cops Who Turned Backs to Mayor: "It's Absolutely Wrong"

We have written a few times previously about the NYPD's abhorrent back-turning practices of late, and it continues top be a divisive issue in NYC politics. It is important to note that the disrespectful behavior of the NYPD does not reflect the views of the entire force, and here is an officer of the NYPD who was willing to speak out against the practice in an interview on Democracy Now.

Absolutely wrong, absolutely wrong. Mayor de Blasio came to the police department, that had a lot of issues with before he got to this police department. Mayor de Blasio came with the attitude that "I can fix this police department." But this police department has a culture that is going to make whoever tried to change that culture and life impossible, including the mayor. It’s absolutely wrong to turn their back on the mayor. It absolutely don’t show—this is not what we’re made of. This is—I was not taught—you know, this does not represent the police department. This does not represent how, when a family calls for peace and unity, you’re going to have a hundred officers doing the absolute opposite.

via Democracy Now

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