New York's Only Endangered Flower Species and the Woman Capturing and Reproducing It's Scent

New York City based artist Miriam Simun has a multi-sensory project titled Agalinis Dream in which she hunted down the only species of endangered flower in New York, captured and synthesized it's scent, then created a wearable apparatus to allow anybody to smell it. The flower is the Agalinis Acuta only blooms one day each year, and used to cover the open fields of Northern Manhattan.

The flower is so small that nobody has ever smelled it before because it releases such a small amount of odor. So what I'm doing is I am working with chemist, with botanists, with ecologists, and for the first time ever, capturing the scent of the flower.

For more about the flower or process of capturing and recreating the scent, check out Simun's project page.

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