New York Botanical Garden Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary

The New York Botanical Garden is the perfect place to visit now that summer is here in NYC. There are many great outdoor spots to discover, amazing events, and the Bronx River even runs right through the middle of the park.

From the Forest to the Seasonal Walk, the Garden is a verdant escape in summer. Discover some of the best spots to wander as this season of abundance sweeps over the landscape.

This year also marks the NYBGs 125th anniversary. For this significant milestone in the park's history, the NYBG will hold special events and exhibitions all year long in celebration.

Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

Contributing Writer

Veronika is in her twenties and is studying marketing and design. She loves to travel, discover the world and its delicious foods, and finds inspiration in the City’s arts scene. She never turns down a challenge, especially on the volleyball court.

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