New York Resized, A Collection of Interesting Tilt-Shift Photographs of New York City

New York Resized is a great photo book from photographer Jasper Leonard which shows unique angles of the City using a stunning tilt-shift effect. Check out a preview of the book's photos, then buy a hardcover copy on Amazon for only $11.

New York reduced to a miniature city? In New York Resized, photographer Jasper Léonard offers you a completely new perspective on The Big Apple. His Tilt-Shift technique creates a dazzling bird's-eye perspective. Taking pictures from rooftops, helicopters or even drones, Léonard points his lens at the skyscrapers and yellow cabs from above, transforming the city into a swirling ant-hill of miniature people. His images are accompanied by the best quotes about New York, and his unique style guarantees that this is the most original photobook about New York that you will ever see.

New York Resized
New York Resized

via 6sqft

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