New York Ranks an Embarassing 8th in a Study of the Walking Pace of Cities Around the World

New York Residents take 12.00 seconds to go 60 feet
New York Residents take 12.00 seconds to go 60 feet
Photo: Mahabis

A 2006 study from Professor Richard Wiseman and the British Council called The Pace of Life tracked the time it took pedestrians in 31 Cities worldwide to walk a distance of 60 feet.

35 men and 35 women were secretly timed as they walked along the designated stretch of pavement. Only adults were monitored, and the study excluded anyone walking in groups, holding a telephone conversation or struggling with shopping bags.

When the data was compiled, our fast-paced city ranked #8 on the list with 12.00 seconds to traverse the distance. Cities like Madrid and Berlin appear above us, and the top spot was grabbed by the residents of Singapore with just 10.55 seconds on average. Time to step it up people!

Check out the study for more rankings, or a summary of the findings for a quick list.

via Mahabis

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