Watch These Frustrated Pedestrians Race a Crosstown Manhattan Bus on Foot

Can you beat a crosstown M14 bus while walking? Due to heavy traffic, bus lane parkers, frequent stops, and other reasons, a group of frustrated pedestrians from Transportation Alternatives recently set out to show how slow the bus really is, racing the bus from 1st Avenue to 8th Avenue along 14th street. They lost, but only by 5 seconds. Watch this video from our friends at Gothamist for more.

Transit advocates hoping to speed up the city's notoriously slow buses have long pointed out that it's often faster to walk (or big-wheel) than to schlep through traffic-clogged streets on a dawdling bus. On Wednesday morning, a few dozen pedestrians tested the theory, power-walking alongside the M14 bus as it chugged along 14th Street from Avenue A to the west side of Union Square. In the end, the bus beat the bipeds, though only by a few seconds.

via Gothamist

Union Square
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