Despite the Way it Feels Sometimes, NYC is Not the Most Expensive City for Commuters

The Most And Least Affordable Cities For Public Transit
The Most And Least Affordable Cities For Public Transit
Photo: Value Penguin

The team at financial data and number crunching website ValuePenguin recently stacked up the stats for commuting costs across major U.S. metropolitan areas and found that New York City commuters don't spend nearly as much on transportation as it feels.

A pass in New York is similarly pricey, but the city’s straphangers have higher incomes than transit commuters in most cities. Consequently, that $121 MTA pass represents only 3.62% of their average monthly income--less than half the bite of buying a pass in Los Angeles and Miami and only a little above the national average of 3.2%. In affordability, then, New York ranks in the middle of the pack among all the cities we analyzed; see the full list at the bottom of the article.

Check out the accompanying article for insights and more data.

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