New York City's Housing Cost Myth: Visualize Real Estate Prices Per Square Foot for Each Neighborhood

Average Price Per Square Foot by Neighborhood
Average Price Per Square Foot by Neighborhood

After gathering data from real estate sites such as StreetEasy, Trulia, Zillow, and RedFin, real estate developer Constantine Valhouli compiled the average price per square foot for each of New York City's 325 neighborhoods to find the most and least affordable sections of each borough. He then mapped the results so you can see where there are hot spots or niche pockets of affordable areas in the City.

Surprising no-one, the City's most expensive area is Central Park South with an average price of $3,393/sq.ft. The least most expensive area is Woodlawn in bronx only costing $110/sq.ft.

If a househunter were to look more closely at the hundreds of neighborhoods that make up this city, they would see that desirable spots abound, architecturally speaking. [...] But of course, the pricing data alone do not tell the whole story of a neighborhood. They merely offer a starting point to see whether these affordable neighborhoods are, in fact, bargains, or more like compromises.

For more about the data collection and processing, as well as more analysis, click through to the full article.

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