Here's How Much Extra It Costs to Buy an Apartment Within a Block of Central Park

What Premium Are New Yorkers Paying to Live near Central Park?
What Premium Are New Yorkers Paying to Live near Central Park?

Real estate search and analysis website Property Shark recently poured through their data on home prices in the Manhattan neighborhoods surrounding Central Park, and found that there is a hefty price tag increase if you want to live within a block of it. Here are some of their key takeaways:

  • Paying a premium of 25% can make Central Park your front yard in 2018;
  • In Lenox Hill, you’ll need over $1.1 million for these “front row seats;”
  • The median home sale price in the first row of Upper West Side blocks is little over $1.4 million;
  • Premium Central Park South prices are 30% less than the neighborhood median;
  • Coops bordering the park are more expensive, while the median price for condos is higher across the neighborhoods;

Play with the interactive map below, then check out the accompanying article for more insights into the data.

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