New York City Residents No Longer the Rudest, According to 2016 Survey

New York | new york
New York | new york

According to a Travel + Leisure magazine survey, New York City has been unseated at the rudest city in America. The results were based on readers ranking large cities on multiple factors such as "how cordial the locals seem."

Viewing NYC Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief Matt Coneybeare put it best:

New York nice means you shuffle in to the middle of the subway car, even if you are only going one stop. It means you step over the sidewalk mystery liquid rather than break the lanes of traffic and move around it. It means you pay in credit card, but tip in cash. It means you know your doorman’s life story. It means you don’t stare into the other apartments outside your window, and they don’t either. It means you don’t call seamless in a blizzard.

If any of you disagree, you can go f*ck yourself.

via Newsday

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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