Does this Line of Shoes Remind You of the Q Train?

The "Broadway Express" by Adidas
The "Broadway Express" by Adidas
Photo: Adidas

Sports apparel giant Adidas must have run out of sport superstars to sponsor shoes because this new line of basketball shoes finds inspiration from a very odd place.

Dubbed the "Broadway Express" collection, the shoes draw inspiration from the famous New York City subway line. Each shoe features metallic silver upper with additional hits of yellow and black throughout.

Really? Inspiration from the "Broadway Express", or as locals call it, the "Q"? Sure, it is black and yellow, but I don't really get the full MTA sense when looking at these shoes. Maybe they come with a sewage-scented inner sole lining or a mix tape of some buskers?

The shoes go on sale January 8th at select retailers.

via Adidas

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