New MTA Subway Platform Stickers Hope to Ease Congestion

Look down at the 51st St 6 or the 59th St 4/5/6 subway stations and you will see new stickers placed by the MTA to try and reduce congestion on the systems most crowded lines.

The premise is basic subway etiquette: let others get off the subway car before trying to jam yourself into the train.

A pairing of the simple request to "Step Aside" coupled with arrow graphics convey the concept and serve as a gentle reminder to customers.

Seems obvious right? The MTA plans on testing out the sticker designs at these two stations to see which one works better, or if they decrease congestion even at all. If successful, they will eventually roll out the stickers to all platforms in the City.

via The Verge

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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