"Museum of Feelings" in Battery Park City is a Giant Walk-Through Advertisement for Glade

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Inside the Museum of Feelings, an elaborate, walk-through advertisement for Glade products in Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan.
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The "Exhilarated" Room in the Museum of Feelings.

The pop-up Museum of Feelings in Battery Park City is not a museum at all, but rather an immersive walk-through advertisement for Glade smelly things.

Each installation invites emotional interaction. Touch, feel, play, listen, imagine and breathe. Step into the first kaleidoscope controlled by emotion. Float through the feeling of calm on a lavender cloud. Use your own biometric data to create a MoodLens—or unique emotional selfie—and match it with a perfect custom fragrance.

Check out a full review of the “museum” from Kaite Rogers of The New York Times.

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