Miniature Redwood Forest Sprouting in Downtown Brooklyn October 1st

Photo: Micah Bozeman

Downtown Brooklyn will be home to its very own miniature Redwood forest on October 1st. Brooklyn-based artist, Spencer Finch in concert with the Public Art Fund and Forest City Ratner Companies, will recreate a scaled-down version of a 790-acre section of northern California’s Redwood National Park at MetroTech Commons.

The exhibit, called “Spencer Finch: Lost Man Creek,” will feature about 4,000 live Dawn Redwood trees that have yet to reach full size. The young trees, which can grow to between 98 to 380 feet tall, will stand at 1 to 4 feet for the installation. The mini forest will take up 4,500 square feet of MetroTech Commons' eastern triangular lawn.

The exhibit is free and open to the public through March 11, 2018. To see more of Finch's work, The River Flows Both Ways, a 2009 project that was installed on the High Line.

via DNAinfo

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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