Why Is There A Car Parked On The High Line? Witness Artist Nari Wards Latest Sculpture, Smart Car

Smart Tree, Nari Ward
Smart Tree, Nari Ward

While there are plenty of sights to see on the High Line, you don’t expect a car to be one of them - especially not a car with an apple tree growing out of it. Don’t be alarmed. This is “Smart Tree”, a thought provoking addition to the High Line Art collection.

The sculpture was created by Nari Ward, a local artist known for collecting everyday objects and displaying them in a way that provokes memory and starts important societal conversations amongst viewers. In this modern example of environmental art, Ward uses recycled tire tracks and solar powered headlights to cover an immobile Smart Car. With stunning symbolism, the piece reminds park visitors of the High Line’s prominent history along with the park’s newfound potential to change the perception of the City.

I always feel like when I make something, the more absurd it is, the more potential for symbolism and meaning it gains.

Smart Tree will be parked on public display until 2017, so be sure to check it out!

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