Meet Lorenzo Laroc, a 54-Year-Old Electric Violinist Busking in the New York City Subway

Rhythm in Motion is a new 10-part series of short profile films that are centered around New York City subway buskers. The project is associated with the MTA's Music Under New York (previously) initiative.

In this episode, the series profiles Lorenzo Laroc, a 54-year-old electric violinist, composer and arranger.

Lorenzo Laroc, a 54-year-old electric violinist, believes he was destined to become a musician. "I was put on this Earth to play music for my fellow human beings," he tells filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer. "It's my calling." Laroc grew up in a family of six kids, with few toys except for a violin. He says he carried it with him everywhere, forging an identity on bow strings. He plays on subways platforms and at ritzy parties, a performer at ease regardless the audience. "You can't ever give up," he tells Schweitzer. "The thing about a dream is, once you let go of that dream, the dream is dead. It's over."

Lorenzo Laroc's music is available to download on iTunes.

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