Mapping Out Where Foreign Born New Yorkers Live in the City Shows Neighborhood Divides

Mapping the Melting Pot: Where Foreign Born New Yorkers Live
Mapping the Melting Pot: Where Foreign Born New Yorkers Live
Photo: Furman Center

A newly released map from NYU's Furman Center shows the neighborhoods that foreign-born New Yorkers have settled in. Each dot is a group of 500, and only the top 10 immigrant populations are mapped.

As the map shows, immigrants from the Dominican Republic—who, at 13% of the city’s foreign-born population, constitute the city’s largest immigrant group—clustered in northern Manhattan and the south Bronx. Chinese immigrants comprise 12% of the city’s foreign-born population and tend to live in enclaves in Chinatown in lower Manhattan, Flushing in Queens, and Sunset Park and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn. Queens is home to numerous clusters of immigrant groups, including concentrations of New Yorkers from Jamaica, Guyana, Ecuador, India, Bangladesh, and many other nations.

The clusters of foreign-born groups tend to land in established cultural neighborhoods and enclaves, with Queens being the one exception in the City, showing its diversity in glorious mixed colored dots.

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