"Litefeet", a Mini-Documentary About the Recent Criminalized Art of Subway Dancing in New York City

Irish director and photographer Scott Carthy created this fantastic film about how the new law that prohibits performing on trains, an extension of the City's controversial broken windows theory, has affected local dancers and performers in a negative way.

...the law does not acknowledge the significance of this subculture within the cultural heritage of NYC. Litefeet is a branch of street performance originating from the neighbourhoods of New York, Harlem and bronx. These iconic places once teemed with violence but what followed was unrivalled creativity which has been passed down through generations. The birth of Hip Hop, Break dancing and a myriad of other disciplines of dance are the fruit of the struggles people faced. Litefeet inherited a little from many of these styles, principally the Harlem Shake, Chicken Noodle Soup, Aunt Jackie and Tone Wop.

Litefeet is a great short film and has even earned the coveted Vimeo Staff Pick badge.

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