Check Out This Immersive 360° Video of Litefeet Dancers on the Subway

The dance style Litefeet features an acrobatic, upbeat mix of arm and leg movements, jumps and spins, and usually uses shoes, hats or other wearable objects as props. The style emerged from Harlem and bronx street dancers, and can be commonly found in the subway by groups of performers busking around the train poles.

In this video from YouTuber Milo Pierwola, watch in a glorious 360° point-of-view video as a group of Litefeet performers dance in front of you on the Subway.

One of the best parts about NYC is the art that appears as part of your everyday life. Here, I catch The Chosen Crew breakdancing on a moving subway.

If you can’t see them, be sure to play with the arrows in the top-left corner or drag the video screen to move around inside the video. If you have no arrows, use Chrome or your mobile device to watch the video.

The camera used to film these 360° videos is the amazing Ricoh Theta S.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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