Lift the Giglio In Williamsburg's Famous OLMC Feast Starting July 6th

Get ready to celebrate this year's OLMC Feast starting tomorrow, July 6th.

The celebration is two-fold, pledging devotion to La Madonna Della Carmine (also known as Our Lady of Mount Carmel or the Virgin Mary), as well as a commemoration the journey of Bishop Paolino whose story culminated in a celebration with lilies.

The Giglio (pronounced JEEL-YO) – it is a 75 to 85 foot tall wooden structure with a papier-mâché face adorned with beloved saints and colorful flowers. Most prominent of the flowers is the Lily, which is called a Giglio in Italian – hence the name of the structure.

The festival lasts from July 6-17 with the famous lifting of the Giglio and parade occurring on Sunday July 10th.

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