Learn All About Ai Weiwei's "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors" Citywide Art Exhibit Straight From the Artist Himself

Opened earlier this month, the Public Art Fund and Chinese multimedia artist Ai Weiwei collaborated on a massive-scale exhibition titled Good Fences Make Good Neighbors featuring over three hundred outdoor sculptures and artworks all across New York City. The art is meant to shine a spotlight on the the international migration and refugee crisis. In this video from the organization, learn all about the exhibition directly from Ai Weiwei himself.

“Good fences make good neighbors” is a folksy proverb cited in American poet Robert Frost’s Mending Wall, where the need for a boundary wall is being questioned. Ai chose this title with an ironic smile and a keen sense of how populist notions often stir up fear and prejudice. Visitors to the exhibition will discover that Ai’s “good fences” are not impenetrable barriers but powerful, immersive, and resonant additions to the fabric of the city.

Check out the exhibition map to learn more about the locations and stories behind each piece.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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