Ai Weiwei's Massive New Human Rights Art Exhibition Launches This Week Across New York City

Opening this week, the Public Art Fund and Chinese multimedia artist Ai Weiwei have collaborated on a massive-scale exhibition titled Good Fences Make Good Neighbors featuring over three hundred outdoor sculptures all across New York City. The art is meant to shine a spotlight on the the international migration and refugee crisis.

In response to the worldwide plight of migrants and refugees, divisive immigration and border control policies, and the global rise in nationalism, the exhibition, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, will be installed at 300 + sites spanning dozens of New York City neighborhoods in all five boroughs. Drawing on the artist’s personal experience being detained by the Chinese government and as well as his visits with some of the world’s most vulnerable populations at refugee camps and borders worldwide, the show will make a powerful statement about division and separation at a global, national, local, and personal level.

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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