Kickstarter Campaign Seeks to Help Brooklyn Kids Overcome Food Deserts and Eat Healthier

Seeds in the Middle is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in New York City that "inspires parents, educators, students and their community to access all opportunities beginning with improving their health, enhancing arts education and greening their environment."

A Kickstarter campaign setup by the organization seeks to give 4 separate hands-on cooking nights to the kids at PS 221 in Crown Heights and three other schools that will teach them how to create a healthy meal for the cost of a fast food meal.

These funds will be used to stage chefs nights at 4 obesity-epidemic schools, including PS 221. Every chef night costs $2,500, and serves at least 100 parents, students and guests. We have already raised enough to sponsor one school and need $7500 for the three remaining schools.

The campaign only has 3 days left with quite a bit to go to the minimum $3,500 necessary. Backers can get prizes ranging from shout outs to VIP tastings.

Check out the campaign for more info on how you can help.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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Matt enjoys exploring the City's with his partner and son. He is an avid marathon runner, and spends most of his time eating, running, and working on cool stuff.

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