Kellogg's Pop-Up, Pop-Tarts Cafe in Times Square Will Cure Your Outrageous Sweet-Tooth Cravings

The Kellogg’s NYC Cafe is currently on a pop-tarts craze with their pop-up event dedicated to desserts inspired by the popular snack. For a limited time only, you can try their menu that includes tacos, burritos, pizza, and nachos... but they're all made from a variety of pop-tart flavors.

The $9 nachos, for example, are Confetti Cupcake-flavored Pop-Tarts, cut into chips, drizzled with strawberry salsa, dolloped with frosting, sprinkles, and topped with a candle.

The milkshakes seem to be Black Tap inspired with chocolate ice cream, fudge pop tarts and hot fudge drizzled on top. The list goes on of the decadent menu options that the pop-up cafe has to offer, but they're only available until this Sunday, February 26th. Stop by their cafe in the Theater District before you miss out!

If you miss the , here's what you can expect when the pop-up converts back into a cereal bar on Monday.

via Eater NY

Emily O'Hanlon

Emily O'Hanlon

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Emily is a Long Island Native, with close ties to Queens and Brooklyn. She loves playing the ukulele, traveling to interesting cities, experimenting with different cuisines, and petting as many dogs as possible.

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