Is Your Neighbor a Billionaire? NYC Tops List of Cities With Most Billionaire Residents

Where The World's Wealthiest Billionaores Live
Where The World's Wealthiest Billionaores Live
Photo: Forbes Media

A new report in Forbes from staff writer Liyan Chen mapped out the world's 1,826 billionaires and categorized them by city. A shocking discovery from the data is that cities in Asia have taken over 50% of the top 20 spots, showing incredible growth and concentration of wealth in the region.

The top result is not shocking however, with our own New York City having the greatest amount of billionaires: 78. With our population of about 8.4 million, that is
about 1 out of every 108,000 residents. If you apply this to our 26,403 / mi² average population density (105,612 / 2mi²), then you probably have one billionaire neighbor less than a mile from you in some direction.

via Forbes

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