[VIDEO] For Just $7,500 Per Month, You and Your Rich Friends Can Get a Private Manhattan Escape Boat

If you aren't reading this while sipping champagne over a caviar afternoon snack, then you should probably move along. Otherwise, make sure you pay attention to this video from the New York Post detailing a new company called Plan B Marine that will rent you access to your very own Manhattan Escape vessel, should the common-folk ever come for your silverware.

Paranoid New Yorkers now have a speedy route out of the city should disaster strike. Chris Dowhie, co-owner of Plan B Marine, runs a marine evacuation service that advertises the fastest possible way out of Manhattan. Whether it's power failure, blackouts, grid failure, bad weather, flooding or a terrorist attack, Dowhie's clients want to be prepared for doomsday. "You don't have a captain. You have to drive this boat yourself," Dowhie told The Post.

The price of a mere $7,500 per month will provide you and 9 others a quick and easy escape route across the Hudson into New Jersey, where you and your millions will be safe.

via NYP

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