IMAX To Open First Ever Virtual Cycling Studio in Dumbo, Complete With GIANT Screen

IMAX has solved the problem of SoulCycling boredom in a big way. Beginning April 28th, IMAX is offering cyclers the chance to escape to outer space, tropical locations, and more via their signature enormous screens and surround sound systems.

An indoor studio located at 127 Plymouth street in Dumbo will be the first test site for the exciting new IMAXShift. If the run goes well, IMAX could take this idea global.

IMAXShift™ is an immersive group cycling studio powered by The IMAX Experience® that has captivated and thrilled audiences for decades. Our rockstar instructors, larger-than-life screen, and unmatched audio will take you from the front of your saddle to the edge of reality. From beginners to serious athletes, the challenge is yours to set and yours to surpass.

Get tickets here to try it first.

h/t DNAinfo

Maggie Jeffers

Maggie Jeffers

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