Ikinari Steak, a Japanese Steakhouse Famous For Its Lack of Chairs Coming to East Village

The line at an Ikinari Steak in Japan
The line at an Ikinari Steak in Japan
Photo: Ikinari Steak

Ikinari Steak, a quick-service steakhouse that is wildly popular in Japan, is coming soon to the East Village. Built on the concept of feeding people steak as quickly as possible, the restaurant is famous for its stand-up chairs in place of regular seating. Owned by chef and restauranter Kunio Ichinose, Ikinari Steak is scheduled to open later this year.

Everything is calculated for speed of throughput and optimal use of limited ground floor spaces in key city locations. The height of the tables, Mr. Ichinose demonstrates by jumping up and miming, has been calibrated so that diners are unlikely to put their knives and forks down between mouthfuls.

Check out the online menu for Ikinari Steak, featuring a top rib steak at just 1600 yen, or about $16.

via Eater NYC

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