Here's More About NYC's First Stretchy Ice Cream at Republic of Booza in Williamsburg

Booza is a unique type of stretchy ice cream originating in the Middle East that is the precursor to the mainstream ice cream we know and love today. As we told you last week, there is only one place serving it up in New York City, and you can find it at Williamsburg's Republic of Booza in traditional and modern flavors. Learn more about it in this video from our friends at Thrillist.

Considered to be the world’s oldest form of ice cream, booza first appeared in the 1500s and now it’s hitting the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Republic of Booza offers a modernized approach to the dish, serving classic ice cream flavors like chocolate and pistachio, as well as more Brooklyn-esque flavors like sea salted oreo and aka miso. Beyond being stretchy, booza is considerably denser than typical ice cream. This allows for more subtle and intricate flavor combinations.

via Thrillist

Matt Coneybeare

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