Here's How to Decode Any Manhattan Avenue's Street Address to Find the Cross Street

To Find a Street Nearest a Number on Any Avenue
To Find a Street Nearest a Number on Any Avenue

Our friends at Ephemeral New York recently dug up this great guide printed sometime in the 1960s which details exactly how to find the cross street for any Manhattan avenue's address. For the vast majority of situations, you simply:

Cancel last figure. Divide remainder by 2 and add key number given below [in the chart]

For example, B&H Photo & Video has an address of 420 9th Ave, so you would:

  1. Drop the last number: 420 → 42
  2. Divide that by 2: 42 / 2 = 21
  3. Find 9th Avenue on the chart and see 13, add that to the running total: 21 + 13 = 34

As it turns out, the store is located on the corner of 34th and 9th. Pretty neat.

Matt Coneybeare

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