Help Find the Longest Possible Subway Ride Through the City

WNYC has been doing a ton of analysis on the Subway lately, with them reporting on the system’s inadequate trash collection the other day, and now this cool story, a challenge to find the longest possible subway ride with a single fare.

What’s the longest ride you can take on the New York subway? The MTA website says it’s a 38-mile trip from 241st Street in the Bronx to Far Rockaway, but we think we can do better. We found a route between those same two stations that covers over […] 154.6 miles with 54 transfers.

What’s interesting about the article is that they crowdsourced the calculations, meaning you could run the simulation in your web browser at home to help find the longest route possible by donating your unused computer power. The longest route found thus far was actually found by an anonymous contributor, then verified to be accurate: 154.6 miles with 54 transfers.

Image 1
Longest Calculated Subway Ride Thus Far: 154.6 miles with 54 transfers
Photo: WNYC

Try to calculate a longer route yourself through the interactive page on WNYC.

via WNYC

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