Get Free Dunkin' Donuts Delivery in Manhattan and Brooklyn

donuts | 3V1L CARBS
donuts | 3V1L CARBS
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Dunkin' Donuts recently started a delivery service to select locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“Our guests in this area are some of our busiest and most loyal customers, and getting around town can be quite time consuming, so we’re very excited to make Dunkin’ Delivery available through DoorDash to keep people running on our wide array of food and beverage options in a convenient and easy way,” said Sherrill Kaplan, a Dunkin’ Donuts vice president.

As of Monday, New Yorkers can order vanilla chai, assorted munchkins, and traditional donuts on the DoorDash website or app for delivery between 7 am and 10:30 pm. While the company promises to deliver within 45 minutes of an order, actual times can be in the 60-70 minute range depending on the time of day.

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