FiveThirtyEight Analyzes Whether or Not Uber is Making NYC Rush-Hour Traffic Worse

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It’s no secret that Viewing NYC are not fans of evil corporation Uber and hope that you will stop using them for numerous reasons, and now we have another data point against them thanks to celebrity statistician Nate Silver’s excellent FiveThirtyEight economic blog.

The biggest change during busy hours [in the Manhattan “Core”] was a 4 percent rise in pickups between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. — or an average of 682 additional pickups per non-holiday weekday during that hour.

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Uber adds to the Manhattan evening rush

The picture is very different when you look outside the Manhattan core, in the other four New York City boroughs and northern Manhattan. In these areas, Uber added substantially to the number of for-hire vehicles on the street throughout the day.

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Thousands of new pickups outside Manhattan core

Please, stop using Uber.

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