Graph Shows How New Yorkers Commute Based on Income and Access to Public Transit

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How New Yorkers Commute, By Income and Access to Public Transit

Statistician and data analyst Nate Silver recently co-wrote an interesting article on FiveThirtyEight on the economics of New York City’s transportation methods and their impact on evil mega corp Uber, and other ride-share programs in the City.

As part of the article, there are some pretty interesting graphs and data visualizations, including this one which breaks down City commuters by income and access to public transit availability, placing them into categories.

But transportation options are also constrained by a commuter’s income. Our data suggests that we might place New Yorkers into about five broad categories, based on their income and ease of access to public transit.

The full article is an interesting read, and is full of great insights into the economics of commuting in the City.

Matt Coneybeare

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