Every Person in New York, a Quirky Portrait Illustration Book by Jason Polan

A new book titled Every Person in New York from illustrator Jason Polan is trying to capture a hand-drawn caricature of every person in the City.

Ok, not everyone, but Volume 1 of the book includes hundreds of random drawings to start from. Maybe by Volume 8,267, Polan will have drawn all 8.4 million of us.

Jason Polan is on a mission to draw every person in New York, from cab drivers to celebrities. He draws people eating at Taco Bell, admiring paintings at the Museum of Modern Art, and sleeping on the subway. With a foreword by Kristen Wiig, Every Person in New York, Volume 1 collects thousands of Polan's energetic drawings in one chunky book. As full as a phone book and as invigorating as a walk down a bustling New York street, this is a new kind of love letter to a beloved city and the people who live there.

Every Person in New York is available for purchase on Amazon.

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