Ever Wonder What Donald Trump Would Look Like as a Poop Emoji?

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what a piece of shit. @realDonaldTrump http://t.co/jtCLaJXBfG
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what a piece of shit. @realdonaldtrump #nyc #univision #dumptrump #donalddump #tronalddump

Our favorite parodical street artist Hanksy just put up an amazing policial commentary piece on a Lower East Side wall.

Hansky just threw up this masterpiece on the corner of Canal and Orchard. Unlike other Hanksies, this one appears to be pun-free — until you look at the sign next to it: “Private Property. No [ahem] dumping allowed.”

This amazing Donald Trump / Poop Emoji hybrid piece can be seen in person at Canal and Orchard.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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