Fake MTA Subway Poster Urges Donald Trump Not to Engage in Unwanted Sexual Conduct on Subway

You know that guy manspreads too.
You know that guy manspreads too.

First spotted by Emilio Herce for Brokelyn, this fake MTA subway etiquette signs is a message to Trump to keep his hands to himself on the train, and everywhere else too.

Unwanted Sexual Contact shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s commute. Or their job. Or their life.

A crowded train is no excuse for unwanted sexual contact Neither is being a rich guy with a TV program. Women have the right to commute, work, and live without being harassed or touched in a sexual manner without consent. By Rreporting an incident, women are letting violators like Trump know that pussy bites back, and fights back.

Report it to an MTA employee, police officer or a reporter.

Here is the original MTA poster for comparison:

Photo: MTA

via Brokelyn

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