Did You Know? New York City Tap Water is Technically Not Kosher

Tap Water
Tap Water
Photo: asmundur

OU Kosher is a website that discusses everything surrounding the laws of keeping kosher in Orthodox Judaism. A recent article on the site reminds readers that, while completely safe to drink, New York City tap water contains microscopic crustaceans, something those keeping kosher cannot consume, and thus, is not a kosher beverage.

Tiny crustaceans called copepods have been found in New York City tap water. The species we are finding primarily is Diacyclops thomasi, along with some Mesocyclops edax and Skistodiaptomus pygmaeus. These tiny crustaceans are ubiquitous in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. New York City, because of the high quality of its water, is not required by the EPA to mechanically filter its water. Their appearance in tap water as small white specks may represent a significant kashrus issue.

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