Demolition of 90-Year-Old Streit's Matzo Factory on Lower East Side Begins

As mentioned previously, the 90-year-old Streit's Matzos Factory is closing down to become yet another condominium building.

The family-owned Streit’s Matzo Factory finally surrendered to real estate pressures in January 2015, and sold the Rivington Street buildings to Cogswell Realty for $30.5 million. (A prior deal to sell the properties for $25 million fell through in 2008.) They’ve since purchased a new facility in Rockland County, which is the new headquarters for matzo production. And remember, not even the mayor really cared that this institution was departing the city after more than ninety years.

Check out the accompanying article on Bowery Boogie for more info on the demolition of Streit's Matzo Factory.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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