Come Eat This Meatless Monday at Manhattan's Newest Indian Restaurant Pondicheri

Photo: Serena Dai

Award winning Houston chef Anita Jaisinghani opened her first New York City restaurant, Pondicheri last week. Featuring masala flavored breakfast dishes and experimental baked goods, Pondicheri will offer a more expansive dinner menu in a few weeks.

At breakfast, Pondicheri New York offers items like a breakfast roti wrap with masala eggs, a stuffed paratha, and a rice and almond pancake with cardamom. Lunch options include even more stuffed rotis, a selection of curries, and a slew of salads like the warm harvest salad, made with roasted radishes, green masala paneer, snap peas, squash, and a toasted cashew cumin dressing. Meanwhile, the Bake Lab up front will be open all day, with pastries such as a pista scone made with pistachio and blueberries. Gluten-free and vegan options, including a quinoa muffin and an almond cake madeline, will also be on hand.

Check New York Eater's full article for more information about the cool new Indian restaurant.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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