Eater New York Dishes Out New York City Golden Slice Awards to Neighborhood Pizzerias

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The Neighborhood Pizzeria Hall of Fame Presents: The Golden Slice Awards
Photo: Eater NY

Senior Editor Robert Sietsema of Eater New York recently compiled his list of the ten best neighborhood pizzerias for the Golden Slice Awards.

Neighborhood pizzerias are the backbone of New York City’s vernacular cuisine — easily as important as hot dog carts, Chinese-American carry-outs, soul food cafes, and pastrami sandwiches in defining the city’s historic culinary landscape. Since the 1950s, these stalwarts have unceasingly provided delicious nourishment at astonishingly cheap prices to rich and poor alike, but their massive achievements have largely gone unsung.

You won’t find Juliana’s or Paulie Gees on this list, only great neighborhood slice joints.

Check out the full article to see if your neighborhood joint made the cut.

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